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JULY 2018



Host a Tattoo Party!

What it is...

The simplest definition of a tattoo party is where you invite a bunch of your friends over to
your place, set out munchies and drinks and enjoy yourselves.  The only difference from a
normal “party” is that you will have a tattoo artist available for those interested in getting a

The tattooing is done professionally, following all health codes, while being in a relaxed
and comfortable environment.  Everything is completely sterilized at start-up and between
each tattoo.  There are no pressure tactics to try to sell you something you don't want.

You can use any excuse to host a tattoo party:  a birthday, a holiday, a special event, or
simply just to have a tattoo party.  While the event is informal and at your choice of location,
there are very specific rules that I adhere to that should be followed.  I have also included
some helpful tips to keep in mind that will make the party a success.

  How it works...

Find at least 5 people that are interested in getting a tattoo at your party.  You will need to
make a list of each person & collect a $20.00 cash deposit from each of them.  Put the names on the list in the order that they would prefer to be tattooed.  While I work mostly on a
first-come first-served basis, having the list lets people know in what order their guaranteed
slot will be.  If the customers want to swap places, a quick glance at the list lets them know
who they can negotiate with.  It's also a quick way of estimating time before a customer's

The cash deposit collected from your guests must be turned in to the artist at least
one week before your party date.  This deposit guarantees your party date, and each $20 will go
towards the tattoo chosen by each customer. This is a non-refundable deposit.
The deposit & Party List can be delivered in person to the artist.

I can tattoo 5 to 10 people in a full 12 hour day comfortably. All tattoos will vary in price
depending on size and complexity of the piece. The will be a minimum price of  $60, but the prices will not exceed $90. The tattoos are not to exceed 3"x 3" in size. If you would like anything larger than 3" X 3", you are welcome to set up an individual appointment with me at a later date.

I will have reference books and pictures available at the party for people
to look at for ideas. If a person has something in particular they are looking to get, I must be
provided with a picture when the deposit is sent in. As long as the picture is not extremely
complex and falls with-in the size limitation then there should be no problems.

The host of the party will be entitled to a free tattoo of his/her choice with-in the stipulations above.
I reserve the right to do the host or hostess’s tattoo at the end of the party, or at a later scheduled time, if necessary.  

Party Rules...

My equipment is my livelihood.  Replacement of any damaged or stolen equipment done at
the party will be the responsibility of the host or hostess.  Portfolios, books or magazines
circulated at the party are to be treated with care. Like the equipment, replacement cost will
be on the host or hostess.

All tattooing is payable by cash only.  Payment for tattoo will be required before beginning the session.   
All tattoo customers must be able to show proof of their age, and must sign a Release Form before
the tattoo begins. Alcohol is NOT RECOMMENDED before the tattoo is complete. Too much alcohol will thin
the blood which causes too much bleeding during the tattoo. If your guests wish to drink please ask them to refrain
until they have sat for their session.

All guests receiving a tattoo should dress appropriately.  Do not wear an expensive shirt if
your tattoo will be on your arm or back, etc.  Shorts are best if your tattoo will be on your leg
or thigh. Try to wear something that will leave the area to be tattooed easily exposed.

A great time that everyone will enjoy is the goal, and there is no excuse for rude behavior, anyone
behaving rude should be asked to leave. Unless otherwise noted, I will stay at the party until the
host/hostess sees fit.

Preparation for the Party...

I must emphasize clean, as everything must remain STERILE during the tattooing process. All implements
used in tattooing are single use only (needles, ink caps, inks, etc).  Be sure that pets do not have access to this area!

Be sure that an electric outlet is close by the area that the artist is to work.  This is required for
the tattoo machines and additional lighting.

Be sure to inform your guests of the above Party Rules.

Be prepared for me to arrive one hour before your party is to begin.  This will
allow for setup to be done before the guests arrive. 

We like to Party! (The Vengabus)




Consultation include 1 hour to discuss about your tattoo with the artist and includes 3 drawings of the same tattoo.
If you change your mind or design you need to pay again for the consultations, 



• 48 Hour Cancellation Notification Policy - Please kindly give us 48 hours notice if you intend to cancel or move your appointment to avoid being charged your deposit on the booking.
• Any client that does not show up to their scheduled appointments will be charged the deposit. If the client wishes to re-book the missed tattoo appointment it is required to leave another deposit.
The deposit is valid only for 6 months.