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Hello!My name is Yolanda.

I am an Italian girl living in Toronto.

I like making original jewelry creations with fantasy and harmony, always working with different stones, materials and techniques that reminds me of my magical country and the beauty of the Mediterranean sea.

I got an Art degree in Italy and this helped me a lot to combine different elements and materials together to create original jewels.

I am a certified esthetician and nail artist,

I got my degree from esthetic school in Rome(Italy).

I am also a tattoo artist.

I started my journey as tattoo artist because my husband believed in me.

I think that tattoos are the Art of this century.

Getting a tattoo is recognized indeed like a Art form and can be ,for some,part of a healing process.

I am still far away from being a master but I am doing my best to became a good tattoo artist.

I left my country full of new ideas and magic in my heart. My city is called the city of the Morgana fairy ,La Fata Morgana is the Italian name for Morgan Le Fay, the legendary sorceress best known for her role in the Arthurian stories. (One also encounters the French form of the name, Morgain la Fée.) Local folklore has for centuries held her responsible for the spectacular mirages seen in the Strait of Messina between Reggio di Calabria (Italy) and Messina (Sicily). Consequently, the name has been transferred to these mirages themselves, which are characterized by multiple and rapidly changing images, with vertical and horizontal features that suggest architectural structures.

I want to recreate here in Toronto that some atmosphere of my country.

Come and visit me, together we can create an amazing piece of Art!

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Why us?


I know how to treat my clientele with respect and a smile.

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